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PSR Registration

Note: If you are not registered as a parishioner at Holy Spirit, please contact the parish office to register before signing up for PSR or youth ministry. Registration is required of all those participating.

PSR Information (Grades Pre-8th)

To register your child(ren) for faith formation at Holy Spirit Parish this year, please read the following information.

  1. Complete
    Print (PDF) Registration Form and submit. Also view the PSR Registration Letter -PDF
  2. Print and complete both sides of the Medical & Emergency Contact Information Form. (PDF)
  3. Attach payment to your medical & emergency contact form. (Make checks payable to Holy Spirit Parish.)
  4. Return all forms by August 21st to Holy Spirit Parish, Faith Formation, 2952 Edison St. NW, Uniontown, OH 44685.

Beginning Dates and Times

2017-2018 Elementary and Jr Hi Calendar

Grades Preschool through 8 (Elementary & Jr. High)

Classes begins on September 10th from 9:45 - 10:45 am at Uniontown Elementary. See the Elementary & Jr High calendar for further class times and locations.

Most PSR classes meet on Sunday mornings. PSR is not substitute for Mass. Catholic teaching states that the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith life. Therefore, children and the parents should be attending the weekend Mass.

Youth Ministry Information (Grades 9-12)

Do you want your teen to be see God in all things? Maybe we can help. The enclosed calendar shows the many opportunities that await your teen to deepen their faith and relationship with Jesus while also having fun and getting to know others, not to mention being of service with those in need. Activities will be added throughout the year.
Thank you for witnessing to God’s love present in our world.
To register your teen(s) for youth ministry at Holy Spirit, please read the following information.

  1. Print and complete both sides of the Youth Ministry Registration/ Medical & Emergency Contact Information Form.
  2. Attach payment to your form. (Make checks payable to Holy Spirit Parish.)
  3. Return form by August 21st to Holy Spirit Parish, Youth Ministry, 2952 Edison St. NW, Uniontown, OH 44685.
Confirmation (Grade 9)
All students preparing for Confirmation must be registered and attending PSR or Catholic School.
Confirmed Students
Faith formation is a lifelong endeavor. Therefore, post-Confirmation is a time to engage your adolescent in this endeavor with a renewed spirit. Youth ministry helps your teen to continue his/her journey of discipleship and deepening relationship with Christ.

Beginning Dates & Times

2017-2018 High School Calendar -PDF

Grades 9 through 12 (Youth Ministry)
Youth ministry will be held in the Holy Spirit meeting room from 9:45 to 10:45 am beginning September 10th.

Class Information

Dismissal Policy: Preschool through Second Grade
In order to ensure safety, children in grades pre-2nd grades will only be dismissed from the classroom if a parent is there to pick them up. If you have children in other grades, we encourage you to make arrangements to meet them at the classroom of the youngest sibling. Any child(ren) not picked up within a reasonable time will be taken into the cafeteria to wait for a parent.
This is a combined class. Children should either be 4 years old by Aug. 1st or going into kindergarten for the 2016-17 school year
First Grade
The Diocesan policy states that children "celebrate First Communion after two years of catechesis." Thus it is important that first graders be attending PSR in order to eventually celebrate First Communion in second grade.
Second Grade: First Reconciliation/Communion
The Journey to Eucharist will continue for your family on Saturday, October 1st when we gather for a potluck dinner at 4 pm followed by Mass and family activities. More information will be sent later.
Third, Seventh & Eighth Grades
For three Fridays during Lent, the Stations of the Cross are led by these specific classes. Participation is part of the PSR curriculum and attendance is required. The date for each grade level can be found on the Elementary and Jr. High calendar.
Fifth Grade
Fifth graders, along with their parents, will participate in a special PSR class, Sunday, April 23rd to learn about the Mass with the Fr. John and Deacon Mike. Participants will meet at the church during the regularly scheduled PSR time. Fifth graders will take the lead in the various liturgical ministries at the 11:00a.m. liturgical celebration immediately following this PSR session.
Fourth & Sixth Grades
Attendance at one of the Children’s Reconciliation services is part of the PSR curriculum for these grades. The service is held in the church at 3:00 p.m. Fourth grade - Sat., Nov. 5th. Sixth grade - Sat., March 18th.
Confirmation (Grades Eight)
All students preparing for Confirmation must be registered and attending PSR or Catholic School


We encourage each student to have their own Bible for use at home. The Catholic Youth Bible is for older youth and adults and will be used in the junior and senior high programs. Copies of the Youth Bible are available for review at the parish office.

Students in the First Communion program will be presented with a Bible at no cost.

Catholic Youth Bible - $25.00 each

Please print and submit a Bible order form to place an order.


(Number of students no matter their grade level - elem., jr, high or high school)
1 student = $50.00
2 students = $70.00
3 students = $80.00
4+ students = $90.00

While we do not want the fees to discourage anyone from registering their child/teen for faith formation, we must encourage prompt payment of fees in order to help cover the many costs at the beginning of the program year. Fees are expected when a family registers unless other arrangements are made with the Director/Coordinator of Religious Education. If a family cannot pay the fees, they should contact the Director/Coordinator of Religious Education at 330-699-4500. All such information will be kept confidential.

(No charge for the children of catechists but you must complete all the steps of registration as required by the Diocese.)

**Non-parishioners - please contact the Coordinator or Director of Religious Education.

Forms/Calendars - PDF

Director of
Religious Education and Youth Ministry

Anne Weeks
330-699-4500 anneweeks@holyspiritunoh.org
“I invite you to explore the opportunities awaiting you at Holy Spirit. May your journey of finding identity and faith in Christ seek joy & fulfillment in this place.”

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Coordinator of Religious Education

Cathy Kasza

330-699-4500 cathykasza@holyspiritunoh.org

“I invite youth in grades 6-8 to actively participate in our parish and all that the junior high program offers as we laugh and learn together in Christ.”

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