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Getting Involved


Investigate some of the ministries in which to get involved.

When you find a ministry that interests you, fill out our Online Form or use our Printable PDF Form and email it or drop it off at our office. It's a great way to learn about our Parish and its many activities.

Getting Involved

Holy Spirit is Called to be Family...

“Ours is a family of many - each one with talents that are gifts from God. For some it is the gift of music. For others it is the gift of organizing events. And for others it is enriching the faith of children. Whatever the talent of the individual, our family is blessed by the contribution of each of our members."

Why Get Involved

“Church isn’t where you meet. Church isn’t a building. Church is what you do. Church is who you are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ. Let’s not go to Church, let’s be the Church. Bridget Willard

Our Involved Parishioners



Family Life


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Faith Formation

Knights of Columbus